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The ITS-ETO Consortium is an unincorporated sole proprietorship in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Taking ETO from concept to "big win" reality will require key partners recruited into a formalized ITS-ETO Consortium corporate structure:

  • highway / transport authorities.

  • expressway user & neighbour co-operatives.

  • research institutions & universities.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) companies.

  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) companies.

  • engineering, automotive & marketing companies.

  • professional societies (industry, engineering, scientific, academic).

  • infrastructure & technology finance companies.

A highway authority / authorities, enthused to investigate ETO, and subsequently to demonstrate ETO on expressways under jurisdiction, is key to attracting other participants.

ETO Feasibility Investigation

First task for the ITS-ETO Consortium is a multi-disciplinary 1 to 2 year ETO feasibility investigation, estimated cost $0.5M to $1M.

The feasibility investigation will include extensive public consultations and address four main ETO feasibility issues:

  • Driver Participation -- expected degree of driver response?

  • Traffic Improvement -- expected gain in traffic performance?

  • System Cost -- expected cost (esp. pavement-sited devices)?

  • Finance Model -- how to fund ETO (develop, build, operate, sell)?

Positive feasibility investigation results will bring further public focus: public expressway demonstrations of both ETO headway guidance signaling and congestion reduction, followed by binding referenda.

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