Expressway  Traffic  Optimization 

ETO Connect-Vehicle Options

  • ETO-enabled adaptive cruise control (ACC) in-vehicle option automatically maintains vehicle headway (speed and spacing) in response to luminous headway signals from ETO pavement heads.

  • Drivers customize ETO by open market choice of both in-vehicle device (mobile / fixed) and of ETO extra-connect service provider, for e.g. real time traffic info / advice, audible headway signals feed, automatic trip service from on-ramp to off-ramp (ramp to slip).

  • Expressway travellers enjoy high-speed RF wireless connections e.g. IntelliDrive / smart phone / Bluetooth / Internet, direct to microized RF base stations on road-top ETO head "antenna-pads".

  • Visible light communications (VLC), proven using low-cost LEDs, offers new giga-bandwidth potential for e.g. Internet / multimedia access by vehicles doing V2LC comms with road-top ETO heads.

ETO Even-Smarter-Road Options

  • Ramp metering uses quick-cycling stop-go signal lights, a proven effective method to regulate the flow (headways) of vehicles entering a highway network. ETO brings to its ramp meter option, the key "missing link" of headway signals along expressway lanes.

  • ETO speed-choice parallel lanes, separate fast and slow drivers,
    e.g. 120 / 100 / 90 [kph] @ e.g. 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 [sec] headways,
    e.g.   75 /   60 / 55 [mph] @ e.g. 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 [sec] headways.

  • The optional ETO high-flow lane, safely boosts traffic flow well beyond today's safe top traffic flow rate of 2000 vehicles per lane.hour, safely operating the lane at 4000 or 6000, by connecting ETO-enabled cruise control on-board units (OBUs) in the vehicles.

  • Priority HOV / HOT metered on-ramp queue, releases vehicles alternately, with a parallel usually longer general-purpose metered on-ramp queue. Carpoolers, taxis, limousines, buses and HOT toll payers get priority access to the expressway network, while all expressway lanes carry a full load of ETO-optimized traffic.

  • ETO tolling comes at modest extra cost. Even low expressway tolls e.g. $1 - $3 per vehicle per business day, can generate high cash flows (e.g. $200M - $600M /yr. from Toronto-area freeways).

  • Two issues with carpool High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are: underutilized traffic flow capacity, and congestion at merge with general-purpose traffic. ETO expressways ensure any HOV lane traffic merges smoothly with general purpose traffic. ETO can also provide High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lane toll collection.

  • ETO is designed to encourage maximum driver enthusiasm and voluntary participation. Expressway stakeholders in a jurisdiction may decide to legislate mandatory minimum driver particiption in ETO headway signaling. ETO can assist in education and policing.

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